Wedding Photography Terms Explained.

According to Wedding photographer Delhi, it is very useful to give brief explanations of some of the most usually used words in wedding photography which bride & grooms are likely to face as they scour the internet for potential photographers.
Candid Photography

This style of Photography is very popular in most of the weddings nowadays. This style of photography requires taking photographs of individuals who are not aware of the camera and or do not modify their behavior due to the photographer’s appearance. Candid photography is used extensively by reportage/ photojournalists/ documentary Wedding photographer Delhi.

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Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding photojournalists use techniques of candid photography to some extent to capture moments throughout the day which individually and collectively say the story of the day. Real wedding photojournalists do not direct or pose the wedding party or guests. Their intention is to tell the story through pictures and capture true moments and emotions as they happen throughout the day. Storytelling is core to this style of wedding photography. Lucky wedding photojournalists have excellent abilities of concentration understand the value of composition and trust. They would be keen of events and emotions going on around them.

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Contemporary Wedding Photography

Probably the vaguest of the terms to describe wedding photography it means modern or of the moment or up with the latest trends. At the moment it is most commonly used to describe the reportage style as this is at the moment. Probably best to clarify with a photographer who describes themselves as contemporary exactly how they work and the degree of photojournalism versus traditional or quirky/ unusual.

Fun wedding photography

This Photography sometimes but not always means jumping in the air shots bride chasing silly groom activities often photographer directed. Does not often say the photographer will capture genuine humor during the day but create situations which are often a bit cheesy and awkward. Probably best to clarify with any photographer who describes their style as fun to avoid any embarrassing antics on the day.